a distinctive & unforgettable whiskey adventure

Ensconced within the ornate and luxurious interior of The Vagabond Club, Singapore’s preeminent luxury boutique hotel with 41 individualistic and elegantly appointed rooms and suites, The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club offers over 1000 bottles of thoughtfully curated rare and refined award-winning whiskies from around the world, and comes with a Membership Programme to beguile guests with a love of whiskey and give them access to the captivating vagabond experience.

The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club

Over 1000 curated
rare & unique Whiskies

Each bottle at The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club has been carefully collected from the finest distilleries from Scotland, Ireland, Japan, the US and other countries around the globe, with the collection comprising predominantly single cask and limited edition bottles. Just as with a great literary work, each bottle is a unique work of art that stirs the imagination, beguiles the mind and excites the spirit.

A club for vagabonds seeking a unique & hidden experience

The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club hosts up to 75 guests who, while relaxing and enjoying their whiskies, will be entertained with bespoke experiences, such as specially curated sung and told Jazz stories, intimate theatre, book readings, artist evenings, musical showcases, and even independent film premieres. 

JAZZ & Whiskey Nights Live Entertainment

If your ideal evening is a mix of silky Jazz tunes and fine whiskeys, you should swing by. Satisfy your inner hep-cat and bask in silky tunes of Jazz to pair with those smooth drams during our Jazz & Whiskey Nights. Join us for sweet tunes & vocals from Richard Jackson every Thursday. 


On Friday & Saturday nights, The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club hosts the Nicole Duffelle Quartet, a jazz group bringing life back to tunes that speak of soul.


Be entertained by authentic jazz tradition. Music starts from 8.30pm, reservations are required. 

Reserve Your Seat at Whiskey Club events
& experiences

With the unique Membership Programme, guests who sign up will have privileged access to 80 lockers, which store up to 15 bottles of whiskey each. Members can bring one of their own bottles for every two bottles purchased at The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club. Members will also enjoy five suite nights at The Vagabond Club and reserved seating at regular Whiskey Club events and experiences.

Private Events at The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club

With its unrivalled atmosphere, immaculate service and exquisite menus, The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club is an exceptional venue and the ideal location to hold your next event.

Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, meeting or corporate event, The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club promises world class food, wine and service.

The creator behind The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club is luxury hoteliers Harpreet Bedi and Satinder Garcha. Motivated by their love and passion for artistry, Bedi/Garcha spent two years bringing this dream to realisation.

“What started out as a vacation with friends travelling around Scotland and visiting distilleries soon turned into an eye-opening journey of discovery; a discovery of the depth of craftsmanship, the artistry, the culture and the incredible history behind whiskey making. These elements combined inspired me to bring these untold stories to Singapore where anyone and everyone can experience the profound pleasure of enjoying truly great whiskies,” says Garcha.

“No two bottles are the same. Each is unique, each has its own story, and many bottles will be unfamiliar even to the most experienced connoisseur. To me whiskey is art, and the craftsmanship behind our whiskies in The Whiskey Library is truly astonishing,” adds Bedi.

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